Samsung Bd Writer SN-506 Windows 10 issue!


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As per title it turns out that my Samsung blu-ray drive has no drivers for Windows 10, none that I am aware of. In Windows 7 its works fine and TBF I haven't used the drive in quite a while. So I've upgraded to windows 10 and I'd thought I'd update kodi with some of my new Blu-ray titles bought in the last year, so the pc sees the drive but won't read any information curtailing to blu-rays.

So my question is does anyone know a solution to this or new drivers that will work. One of my thoughts is if there are no way to make it work in Windows 10 is to put Windows 7 on virtual machine and see if that will work, but that's but a work whereas I'm hoping that there is a simple solution that I have missed. I've done all the usual stuff in device manager, uninstalling device etc. But this is known issue with this drive.

Any help with this would be great, thanks.


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There's a long thread about similar model on Samsung forums.

Might be a blu-ray AACS DRM issue, perhaps the firmware on the drive is too old and its blacklisted, but one way to test that would be to see if it can read BD-R discs if those dont work then it must be some kind of firmware/driver problem.

Some people seem to have had luck connecting the drive via a USB adapter which would indicate firmware/driver problem.


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I have read similar that some people are getting the drive to work using a Y usb cable externally. I'll have read through the link see if there is an answer in there, thanks.


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So after doing further reading it seems to be an issue across the board with windows 10 AACS encryption rights basically Microsoft assuming the worse that everyone is Just pirating blu-rays and not giving any credit to those who have purchased said films and wish to add them to a nas for convenience! So I think I will have to try and install windiws 7 in a virtual box and see if that works it's a PITA though to be fair for something that should just work.

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