samsung bd-p4600 problem


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hi guys bit of a newbie so please be gentle
i am having a problem playing iron man 2 on blu ray with it jumping? it goes back appox 2 mins while watching this is most annoying. i have downloaded a firmware upgrade but still doing it
any answers or tips appecshated


There's new firmware as of the 13th December. I haven't installed it yet as I don't trust Samsung to fully test their firmware updates (like the one that stopped the machine from playing Warner Blu Rays!) so I only update when I find a problem disc. I haven't got Iron Man 2, but this behaviour is common on Samsungs when discs have branching or those video commentaries that pause the film etc. I'm afraid Samsung Blu Ray/DVDs are not the best (take a look at the CNet forums!), when mine packs up I'm not getting another Samsung!


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cheers agent 99
i will try the new firmware and let people know if it does the trick. it was the wall mountable bit that did the trick for me. watch this space??
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