Samsung bd e8900m dvd copy hdd


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My PVR wont let me copy dvd to hdd. i can copy cd's, and from my usb, acording to there manual, page 59, you should be able to copy dvd. i called samsung technical support, who agreed and said my unit was faulty, Richer sounds very kindly swaped out this for me ( being out of the 28 day's, very impressed) but the repacmnent was the same. i again called samsung, who offerred to repair, this 1 day old replacment unit.

i can copy dvd's fromm my pc on the the hdd, cds from the player backed up onto hdd, any thing from usb,,, all from the allshare.

any body have any ideas??? i have sky 1TB, and use that to record, i bought this unit to back up and good movies i may want watch again.

i have converted my own AVI files to DVD on plus r dvd, but it wont show the word send. so i really dont think its a copy right issue ( music cd's copy fine ):)


Ensure the DVD's are finalised


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HI Gavtech, thanks fro your reply, i take by finalise, you mean a dvd that is read in the player. this is the case, my disc that i converted from avi to dvd, reads and plays in the machine, so can i asume this is a finalised copy?

out with, any old dvd movies that i can wont copy over, there is no option, only logout from all share play and information, which say DVD.

So i can copy from my pc or usb stick, VOB files, and this way i can route them to the HDD and they play fine.

CD's also give me the option to send to either USB of HDD

but all DVD'd dont, thou the manual on page 59 say's they should, as do SAMSUNG tech support

am i missing something toatly obviuos? cheers :)

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