Samsung bar owner - is there a way to Force the firmware update?


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Long story short, my sb is on it's way back from Samsung's, tech. rep., but they did sod-all & now I will want to update the firmware manually, but it's already 'tried' to load the latest & subsequent updates will not start.

full story,
When it came time for the update recently, mine got to the 2nd boot & quit, since then it will restart when trying to connect to the wireless receiver.
I'm not alone, at least one other person has the exact same issue.

However, when TechEim Incorporated received the bar, they checked it & claimed it was fine, so just returned it. It's with the couriers already.
I'd like to avoid doing a yo-yo of send/return with the tech. company & just reload the firmware myself, but I could not get it to initiate myself.

I tried re-initializing the bar a few times, both with the buttons on the bar & with the remote, but no dice in either scenario.
I tried reloading the firmware from the Smart-Things app. Most of the time it just reports that it is already up-to-date, but sometimes it starts to download the update. I really thought it was going to solve my problem, but then every time it gets to 99% it just stalls. I have just left it running for an hour, still it won't complete, & during that time there is no indication on the sb that anything is happening.

What's weird is that it's an intermittent issue. It will work fine 2 times out of 5, but turning it off & on or unplugging it for several minutes makes no difference when it's out, it's just out. Removing Power from the wireless receiver is a quick-fix, but not a real fix.
I explained this to Samsung tech. support & asked them to note it to their repair facility, but obviously they did not, or else the damn thing wouldn't be winging its way back to me already. I also asked them to please reload the firmware.

IF I cannot find a way to reload the firmware myself, I will be forced to ship it back to TechEim again, but this time I will enshroud the bar in pages with the ticket number details on one side & a full-story on the back as succinct as possible begging them to reload the firmware.

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