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I would like some expert advice pls on the Samsung au9000 (55 inch) and my Xbox series S!

I have been messing around with settings now for weeks and can’t seem to get it right. The TV isn’t 120hz but has hdr and 4K resolution.
Now the series S obviously isn’t native 4K so do I select 1080p and 120hz from the Xbox settings? Also, is it best to choose input signal plus over game mode on the tv (won’t let me select both)?

What I’m basically asking is what would be the best settings on both series S and Samsung au9000 to get them both working together to produce best picture?

Thank you very much for your time.
This is quite interesting. I bought this TV and I'm driving mad configuring image. For regular TV watching I'm between standard and filmmaker mode. But I do not like filmmaker mode as it is and I modify its parameters.

This are the two settings driving me mad in both filmmaker mode and standard:

Filmmaker mode

Brightness 50
Contrast 45
Sharpness 10
Colour 35
Contrast Enhancer off
Gamma native


Brightness 50
Contrast 45
Sharpness 10
Colour 35
Contrast Enhancer low
Gamma native

As you can see they are very similar settings but with slightly differences that can make the sweet spot on.

Changing Contrast Enhancer to high in Filmmaker mode makes the image punchier but very very depending on the content and channel you are viewing so it was and option at the beginning but not yet.

It a bright image with these two settings and Contrast Enhancer in low in standard mode is ok.

The fact is that I'm not sure if I'm making a great mistake using filmmaker mode to watch regular TV and even more, MODIFYING its settings to a mode that was designed to watch movies and not regular TV shows or football matches although it looks great.

Try these settings and post your thoughts about it. What do you think of my two filmmaker mode and standard settings?

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