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just replaced my fans on my Samsung HD and I must admit this version must be the worst ventilated case of the different makes. The hard drive is mounted upside down with a little 40mm fan tagged on one corner which is supposed to blow air across the underneath of the HD. This is because they could not fit a fan underneath the caddy blowing up due to the design of the motherboard. Then there is a 60mm fan on the left sucking air out.

I bought a Scythe 40mm fan and a Fractal Design 60mm fan. Fitted them fine with rubber grommets. The fractal one I used the red wire to the 12v and the black to the PWM. It runs very quiet but I have noticed now it kicks in at full RPM when playing a recording and is actually quite noticeable. More so than the old one. It's rated at 3000RPM although 19db (not sure what the old one is) so it could be I picked the wrong fan, although I chose it due to another thread saying it was a good replacement.

Now I am wondering whether to install another fan blowing air in to improve air flow with the power coming from the HD's powers SATA connector and mount the HD the right way up.

Just wondered if anyone with a Samsung has replaced their fans and whether there are any pictures ?


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After leaving university, I got a job as an equipment housing designer and learned quite a lot about ventilation. One thing I learned is that it's difficult to predict the effect of airflow on internal temperatures - even with computer simulation. So you should be monitoring the critical components with thermocouples to ensure that you aren't actually creating "hot spots".


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Easier said than done !

I just follow the same principle as PC Case airflow, in at the front and out at the back. In the case of the HD box in from the right hand side and out on the left hand side in my case.

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