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Hi guys I've just bought as art tv and have tried streaming from the pc. I have ripped my blurays in to mkv and they play fine but the quality isn't as good as if I play it on the pc. Any idea why? When I try the different picture modes it makes a small box on the screen or the full screen one isn't that good compared to playing it on the pc. Any ideas? Thanks


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Are you using the Samsung Allshare software if so it is probably transcoding the video and doing a bad job of it.

Try Serviio instead and apply the Samsung profile to the IP address of the TV in the Serviio control panel.

Serviio may or may not transcode the video, I'm not sure Samsung's media player is up to Blu-ray spec video if you ripped with MakeMKV, if you converted into x264/mkv then it should play the videos although it simply may not be as good image quality wise compared to a PC player, the media players in TV's are largely an after thought.
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