Samsung A650 Setup

I recently purchased a Samsung class 7 4K television, a Samsung A650 soundbar, and an LG UBK90 4K optical disc player, and I am concerned about how I can connect all three devices together. If I had only those three devices, there would be no issue, but I also have my television receiver/cable box to consider, as well, so I may need some advice with setting up my system.

Both the television and the soundbar each have two HDMI ports and an optical port, so it does not seem as if there is any way to use HDMI for all devices; I may have no choice but to use the optical port for connecting the television to the soundbar, and use HDMI for the other devices.

What does everyone else recommend that I do for setting up my devices? I will be very grateful for any feedback.
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Ultimately, I connected my 4K player and cable box to the television via HDMI and then connected the soundbar via optical; it is less than ideal, but the video and audio quality are far superior to my previous system, and I will eventually be able to afford a proper audio/video receiver, with which everything shall be connected via HDMI.

I rested several 4K movies with my new system, and, on occasion, the sound crackled or stuttered; what might be causing that, and how can I prevent it from happening?

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