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Samsung 950 - flashed to get rid of message now won't play dvd's?


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Well I flashed the player to get rid of the "HDMI audio not supported" message but now it won't play R2 or R1 discs.

Any ideas please?


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Updating the firmware resets the region code - you'll need to re-enter the region hack.

This time, however, you're applying the hack for a Region 5 player (the new firmware is Region 5 for some reason). Have a look on www.videohelp.com and the hack should be there.


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I've just done this this morning to my samsung 850, the hack is as follows:_

Power on the player with no disc in the tray.

1.Press the repeat button your remote control
(don't confuse this with the repeat A-B button)

2. Press the buttons 5,3,8,1 and 4 on your remote control, in order one at a time.

3.The numbers 01 or similar current region code will be displayed on the top left of your onscreen display

4. Press the 1 button on your remote control for region 1,2 for region 2, and so on, or 9 for multiregion playback
NB: The above step may be time sensitive and need to be performed quickly

5. Open your Disc tray and leave open for 15 secs.

6. After 15 seconds have elapsed, power off your player and the disc tray will be closed and the player shut off.

7. Power on the player and it is now set to the new region code you chose in step 4 above.

Hope that helps!:smashin:


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MDX said:
I have just got a 950, what is this "HDMI audio not supported" ??

When you have audio set to 'bitstream' on your 950 and you use a HDMI cable to connect it to the TV, the message pops up on the screen at the beginning of DVD's, or when there is a change in the audio output from the disc. It just means that the TV wont accept the 'bitstream' audio via HDMI from the 950. But in such a case you'll be listening through an amp as the bitstream setting is for Dolby Digital and DTS.

Doesn't bother me at all but, understandably, it annoys the hell out of some so hence the firmware upgrade.

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