Samsung 870 MR hack with new f/w


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What are the benefits of updating the firmware and how do you find out what firmware you currently have installed :lease:



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To view the f/w version on the HD-870, open the disc tray (with no disc) and press Info on the remote. You should now see the f/w version.

As for why update, well, obviously updates can fix any playback issues with the machine, or add new features. Though sometimes new problems are also introduced, it's generally accepted that new f/w releases are a good thing, and should be applied.

In the HD-870's case, the later f/w broke the original multiregion hack, so many owners are looking for a new one. The hack posted on Amazon is different to the original one, so I wanted someone with a new 870 to check to see if it actually works before I comit to buying an 870.

Anyone tried it yet?


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I tried this and it does NOT work, or at least not for me and tried it quite a few times.

Though I don't use this player too much as it's in the conservatory, I would like to find a hack.


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Ok, thanks Ged. At least that answers my question. I can't really buy this player (although I want to!) if it isn't MR hackable.

It's still sold by many places as 'multi-region capable'. Guess this isn't true if you can't hack it anymore.


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I bought this to try with a new Samsung TV, though, as I have a Denon 500 all in one, it would have needed to be much better to still use it.
As it happens, I gave it a few plays and left it after the firmware upgrade nobbled the hack; the novelty had wore off and I couldn't be bothered updating my harmony remote.
I found it still was iffy responding to commands and locked up a few times.


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I've just unpacked my new DVD player and all Im saying is it would be nice to be able to watch any DVD on it as it locked up after 30 seconds then refused to switch off except after switching it off at the mains and then it kept saying that it couldnt play any of my DVD's
I just hope its faulty and the replacement doesnt suffer from the same problems:mad:
If anyone knows if this is a common fault with these machines or a way of possibly fixing it please let me know
I have the latest un-hackable firmware in mine by the way too.

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