Samsung 860 - upscaling and non-anamorphic question



Hi folks. First post, so be gentle.

My crappy old Sharp 28" widescreen telly has died and I'm replacing it with the Samsung 32" HD CRT (WS32Z419D). That TV has an HDMI input so I figured I'd pair it with the Samsung 860 (unless I find a 950 going cheap).

My point of reference in my Pioneer 360 DVD player, which has, for four years been wonderful. It plays any disc, even badly mastered copies where I forgot the AUDIO_TS folder! I have some DVDs from the US with the extra hard RCE added (won't play on a Region 0 player, only a Region 1). It's been great. The TV would accept a NTSC input as well as PAL, so no PAL60 needed either.

The weak part has been the TV - the first died in 6 months so I drove to the factory and they gave me a new one. Now that one, after 18 months, is stuffed.

I figure, new TV, might as well get a new DVD player to match. My parents need a multi-region, so I'll give them the Pioneer.

So... onto the questions:

1) Picture quality via HDMI - will it blow away the std. def Pioneer running thru RGB SCART?

2) Is the mutli region Samsung as versatile as the Pioneer is?

3) The Samsung has EZ Zoom. I do have some non-anamorphic discs, and may buy the odd new one (like the original Star Wars DVDs), and I know on the Sharp TV, the zoom was horrific (especially on NTSC). When the player zooms the frame, how does it work? Does it upscale the zoomed area to, say 720p, which would look great on the TV (I presume), or would it be better to use the zoom on the TV only, knowing the upscaled image (with letterbox bars) will be good enough to watch).

I ask these because I'm not a snob over pic quality, but I am used to using Apple Cinema Displays in work and so a poorly transferred NTSC disc is almost unwatchable to me. Zoomed PAL is also bad on my current TV. My wife is American and I've seen NTSC broadcast (480 lines) displayed on a 50" 4:3 TV and found it unwatchable.

I guess I'm hoping one of you will tell me that the non-anamorphic zoomed image will be better than my current set up!!

Thanks in advance for any help.


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not to **** on your bonfire mate, but i don't think the new samsung tv is any good. have you looked in the crt forum ? there has been many reported problems such as bad geometry and the audio through hdmi coming out the opposite speakers! if you haven't got this tv yet i advise not to purchase, if you have got it and you do have prolems send it back. ps you can get an oppo dvd player for around £150 if your budget strtches, im getting one and they perform like 400 pound players so i'm told. ! :thumbsup:


I was considering the Oppo also... and I'm aware of the issues w/ the TV but only have £500 to play with for that...

But regarding image quality... how good will upscaled non-anamorphic look? anyone know?


I have the Samsung 419 CRT and 860 DVD, and I haven't had any problems. I'm very happy with the picture and sound quality But then again, I don;t have any test DVDs or anything to test how precise it is. All I can say is that I'm happy.

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