Samsung 8000 series tv supplied by richer sounds


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Hi all
Purchased 40" samsung tv less than a year ago which developed a sound problem after some time, it was diagnosed as a hardware issue by the engineers and all was well for a few weeks. The same fault reared up again and they said they could try new firmware from a usb stick this did not sort the problem. So last friday they changed the full board which so far has not reapeated the sound issue but has changed the menu system on the tv itself, for eg you can not turn off that logo at the bottom the tv on the bezel, you now need a pin code to retune. Im at my witts end with richer sounds at the mo who so far are not interested with my problems, they say its a set up issue ive had the tv for nearly 12 months and it has all the usual trimmings attached including cat5 for internet etc. Its saying in the system that the firmware is up to date I think they have put different guts in for another tv is this possible?


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It's in store demo mode that's all. Press and hold the EXIT button on the remote for about 15 seconds. A menu will appear asking you if you want to reset all the settings. Do this, and then the TV will reboot.

When it restarts, it will ask you 'Home Use or Store Use' - make sure you choose 'Home Use' or you're back where you started!


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Thanks for the reply,but its set to home use my theory was can the guts of the machine be interchanged with other models as the menu does not seem to operate as before the "fix".

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