samsung 8000 backlight fault, firmware 3003


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hi guys, Ive owned my Samsung UE55C8000 for only a week now and up until now i've been more than happy with it, however this morning I upgraded the firmware from 2002 to 3003 and since then i've got a major issue with the backlight... the TV is now much brighter all over than before, even with the settings adjusted.. and it now looks light someone is shining a tourch through the left hand side of the screen in two places... has anyone else come accross this and is it a firmware issue or a known TV fault??:mad:

Having said this John Lewis, whome I bought it from have been so helpful and are going to do a straight swap, my concerns are that it will happen again.. if it does then ill consider swapping it for a different make.:thumbsup:


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if your tv was ok before your settings might have changed

my backlight is on 12
smart led is on normal
led motion plus normal
motion plus clear

my first tv had a faulty backlight that looks like how you have decribed yours but that was out of the box, as yours was ok before go through your settings again and see if you have missed anything


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cheers for the reply toddy... believe me mate i kept thinking it something i havent checked but i been through it a thousand times... but cheers anyway.. ill get it replaced and see then... not too reasuring knowing you had an out of the box fauld though... waht firmware are you running?????

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