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Question Samsung 78KU6502 or better something else?


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I've been meaning to upgrade my current Panasonic TC-P65VT50 with a lighter bigger and more efficient TV. The problem when i bought the Panasonic TC-P65VT50 was that smaller resolution content like TV Series (usually 1.5GB in size) were looking blocky in high motion scenes on LED TV's (and i tried the same price range then)
Nowdays i`m not sure how the TV's advanced and if i can get rich blacks, and no blocking for lower resolution content.

I've been looking at Samsung 78KU6502. The naming already confused me and i could not find some decent reviews. The bottom line is i want a TV:

1. >190cm
2. Rich blacks
3. Fine or no blocking for lower content 1080p content
4. Thin bezels if possible
5. Price range ~4k

Thank you


By blocking do you mean upscaling artifacts or compression artifacts?

If so an UHD TV will be a lot worse than a 1080p one for anything less than 1080p. Especially the case with higher compressed formats.

If you are looking at very large screens there is limited choice also, if you can find a Sony XD94 then that is probably your best option at 75". The Samsung KU series is fine, it uses a high contrast panel but it also suffers from having to use 3:2 pulldown for films so it causes 3:2 pulldown judder. It is also an edge lit TV and won't perform for pure PQ vs a direct lit tv like the XD94.

If the XD94(75xd9405) is not an option then you are going to be limited to edge lit models. At that size probably a Samsung KS series tv (75ks8000) will be your best bet, but if not the Sony XD85 series (75XD8505)might be best compared to the Samsung KU series.

On the very top end there is the new XE94 which is overpriced right now but a better option than the XD94.

If you are stuck with many standard definition/compressed sources then you may just be better off going for a FHD TV like the 75W855C.


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Hello Xander, and thank you for your quick reply!
By blocking do you mean upscaling artifacts or compression artifacts?

Ok so no, i only watch 1080p content. So there will be no standard definition video.
But when i got the Panasonic the difference between the LED's then and the Plasma were huge! Right now i tried reading up on the 3:2 pulldown issue, but i`m not quite sure where and in what conditions that happens (is it something that occurs with every source if it is fast moving?)

Now model wise, since i live in Romania, where every god damn TV has a different code so you dont accidently find the review you are looking for, so i posted you a link with high end TV's available where i live. Is anything remotely close to the XD94?
Oferte Televizoare Pret Custom price Sony, Samsung - eMAG.ro

I really appreciate the help,


This article best describes judder, even with an example video. It will occur only in films and tv series shot in 24fps. So 99% of tv shows and movies. Judder-Free 24p on TVs

Looks like that shop doesn't carry the XD94 anymore, only the newer XE94 model.

The problem going for a 2017 model instead is value. It is much better value right now getting a discounted 2016 model instead. But I do not know prices where you are so I can't really tell if there is somewhere a Sony XD94 for sale for good value.

In the link I see the 2016 Samsung KS9000 but at that shop you can actually get the 2017 Sony XE90 which is a better tv for less so the pricing doesn't seem right to me.

Sticking only to 75" best to worse performers will be:

Sony ZD9, Sony XE94, Samsung Q8, Q7, KS9000, Sony XE90, Samsung MU800/Sony XE85, Sony XD85, Samsung MU7000, KU6xxx.

Only the last two series have pulldown judder. All tv's before these use 120hz panels.
Only the first 4 tv's are good with HDR.
Only the KS9000 and XE90 are decent with HDR.

What fits you best depends on your uses. UHD tv's are usually okay for 1080p but don't expect it to look better, it at most will look the same. For that reason I wonder if the FHD Sony w855c is best for you from a value standpoint.

Will you be viewing close enough to benefit from UHD?
Will you be utilizing HDR content?
Will you need good horizontal viewing angles?

The blocking you describe I can only think is related to compression in your sources. When you view streams online even though they may be high in resolution they are very compressed. Same goes for HD tv channels or any Blu-Ray you buy, rip and compress to a small size yourself.

Only with high quality sources will you not notice that as much so basically FHD Blu-Ray and UHD Blu-Ray. UHD compressed streams or your own compressed rips will look better than FHD but will still be prone to compression artefacts.


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Great write-up, it is all clearer now, as i also read your other sticky's
I`m sitting @ 1.5M from my current 65" Panasonic Plasma and use it as my daily monitor (i know, it's weird). I`m planning on getting a 6Monitor Wall, and use the TV only for actually watching movies (1080p content).

From what you describe in your sticky UHD vs FHD getting a UHD is not worth it if you are not watching UHD material (i`m not watching any TV, just high quality encodes)

Now you also say that there are no new good FHD panels but for 75" you would recommend the w855c?
From the list i like the 78KS9002 which is bigger (198cm) and curved which might be a nice addition.

Thank you again for the help in deciding.. So many models/region's/hidden issues :)

btw do you have a BTC address for tips?


At 75" its a bit of a niche because not many people buy them, certainly in Europe anyway.

The W855C is a great TV, its biggest drawback is its under-powered chipset. Things like smart tv, menus etc are slow on it but if its just a case you will barely use this aspect of the tv and you don't mind waiting a while for it to switch on then its fine, from a pure PQ perspective. If you sit 1.5m though I really wouldn't consider a FHD TV, its too close really.

Yes the 2016 model Samsung KS9000 is a great tv. Its an edge lit model so you won't get defined blacks and as good contrast as you would with a model like the XE90..more so the XE94 so I'm not sure its really worth the extra when you can get an XE90 (which should by all accounts be more expensive, for less).. at least from that one store that you linked. The XE94 isn't even that more expensive than the KS9000...even the new Q7F is cheaper than the KS9000. Strange pricing.

It seems with that tv you are paying a big premium since its 78" rather than 75". Its pricing for quality should be between that of a Sony XD85 and XE90. Not more expensive than the XE90.

Thanks for your kind words, no I don't accept tips. I enjoy helping people :) thanks though.

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