Samsung 730MW help?


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Hi guys,

I have a samsung 730MW 17" LCD but there is one annoying problem with it,
When watching news channels that have scrolling text at the bottom of the screen, the text lags and judders like it is trying to catch up im not sure what the correct terminology is.

Does anyone know what maybe causing this? i have seen other LCd's that dont do this.

Can it be fixed by changing some settings?


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i have this same tv/monitor and its a great piece of kit, i had this problem once when i had the source ratio (telewest) set to 4:3 (the telewest box had reset itself) - the news ticker bars look extremely warped and weird. Double check the ratio of source tv -but -this is probably not your problem though. The only other thing to note is that your screen is 15:9(1280x768 square pixels) ratio and not 16:9 - again dont think this means much but i always assumed it was exactly 16:9!


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The source we are using is a humax freeview box ive tried plugging the aerial in direct and it still does the same
I just cant work it out Samsung are no help at all thay are telling me its a feed problem but when i attach a Tosh LCD in it doesent happen

Anyone got any answers :lease:

We have bought 15 of these and it looks like they might have to go back


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It sounds like it isn't deinterlacing properly all of the time. Briefly, on PCs there are typically 2 simplistic ways of deinterlacing which are bob and weave, the former simply doubles up each field so that you get 720x288 (assuming 576i input) at 50fps while the former combines two fields to give you 720x576 at 25fps.

The scrolling text at the bottom is 50fps so it should perform a bob deinterlace. However, sometimes it may decide to weave instead so suddenly slowing down to 25fps. That's why it appears to judder and then 'catch-up'. More advanced algorithms can decide to perform bob or weave on a per-pixel basis instead of per-frame. Without knowing what deinterlacing chip is inside the 730MW we won't know what algorithm it uses.

This juddering problem with scrolling text is also visible on 100Hz progressive CRT TVs e.g. the early Pixel Plus TVs. It looks like you either have to live with it or swap out for another model.

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