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    I have a Samsung 709 & have found problems on any DVD which is relased on the "Entertainment in Video" label (the ones i have are Blade, Austin Powers 2, Rush Hour & Bring it on). After about an hour there is severe blocking & freezing of the picture, delays to the sound and occasionaly the disc self-ejects and the player tells me that the disc is not a playable disk.
    I have many DVD's on many lables but these are the only ones to cause problems.
    Has anyone else encountered similar problems or have any advice on what to do? :confused:
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    Hi Shaunydub,

    I have the same player, I only have one of the discs you mention AP2 but I don't have any problems with it.
    You say that problems occur after an hour, does this mean that they happend after the layer change - it sounds like your player is having problems reading the second layer of a dual layer disc. First easiest suggestion is to make sure that the disc is completely clean, I have heard that even brand new discs can have a thin deposit that affects the ability of the laser to focus (the 709 is a bit fussy).
    Second possible reason is heat build up, some people have complained that the 709 gets very hot. If your 709 is in a cabinet or in a stack of equipment that can cause heat problems. After it has had some time to cool down (not playing discs) try the disc again, going straight to the problem sections to see if they play properly in a cool player - if thats the case try and get more ventilation around the player.
    Third less likely issue is you have an outdated firmware. The first decent version was 3.24 which cured problems with The Matrix and a couple of other discs, the latest (last) version is 3.32.
    Finally there is always the option that the laser unit is defective and can't read these discs. The solution is a often new laser but the cost of these is almost the same as buying a new DVD player so you might not find it worth the money.

    I can recommend you visit the forums at where there are lots of friendly 709 owners who can make more suggestions and people who can supply the latest firmware chip if you need it.


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