Samsung 6000 hdmi input/output issue


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Hi everyone, I am having some troubles with a new tv, and have lurked here enough in the past to know you all will have some good advice.

I apologize if this is the wrong section, wasn't 100% sure where to stick this - and I'll doubly apologize if it's hard to follow, this one is a bit hard to articulate.

I just purchased a new 6000 series 55" LED (for a smoking good deal I might add, otherwise I would have passed)

I am trying to run my HDMI output from my PS3 to the HDMI input of my Samsung receiver, and then the HDMI output from that to the HDMI input of the tv.

When I do this, the TV appears to receive the signal (there is no "no signal detected" message) but there is no image or audio. If I run the PS3 HDMI output directly to the HDMI input on the TV it works fine, but that defeats the purpose of having my surround sound. I have the receive set to HDMI in and the TV on the correct HDMI input source.

I had a previous Samsung LCD HDTV (roughly 5 years old) and had it setup exactly the same as I am trying to do now and it worked fine.

If I remove the HDMI cable from the PS3 (or at any point in the in chain) the "no signal" message appears, so it is obviously recognizing the signal exists.

How can I troubleshoot or correct this issue? I have tried some new cables I had, verified it works still on the old tv, gone through all the settings I can find on the TV, but have not found a solution.


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No suggestions? Guess Samsung is stumped too - haven't heard from their tech support in a week, though that could just be the standard experience.

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