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Samsung 59" vs 50"


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Hi all

Recently I got rid of my PS50C6900 set due to crappy 3D flickering. I am now on the lookout for the new Samsund 'D' range as my next set. I need opinions on the following to units, and which to choose.

PS59D550 59"


PS51D6900 51"

As I understand it, they use the same panel spec, but the D550 does not have any unternet functions?

I would prefer the larger screen size over internet widgets and stuff, but I need to know if they are both as goos as each other with picture quality.

I cant find reviews anywhere on the PS59D550 set.

Your help is appreciated as always.


PS: Price difference is only about £150 > £200, so no biggie


I am also in the market for the PS59D550 set, as i did a lot of reasearch, and i can confirm, it is the same panel as the D6900, minus all the internet stuff....

I have an laptop, desktop, PS3, WD Live Box and phone that can go online, i want my TV to be just a TV, not make cofee and give me a foot maggage,,,,


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Hi Caveman

It looks like the PS59D550 is Series 5, and the D6900 is Series 6.

The main difference being what you described, plus some further calibration tools being missing.

Generally though, it seems it's pretty much the same pic quality.

I await a professional review. But the call of bluetooth glasses and a 59" screen call me! Even if it's a good 2D picture, it's a good bet!


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Thanks Dog.

It's a tough decison. I never used the internet features on my C6900, so thats not really a consideration. The anti reflection is not a big issue, so it comes down to the piture quality really.


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Yeah i seen that feature is coming. Looks ok, but with the amount of 2D I watch, 3D is still just a bonus.

If the quality is that of Bluray, then I would consider it maybe.

What about the my Samsung 3D player, it uses widgets, would it not get that service? (Or any other Samsung player)


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Thats what I thought. Mt 4.5mb broadband would be useless! ;-)

I only really like 3D on Bluray as lesser quality hurts my eyes. (Some SKY stuff fer example)

Not sure what to do, I have £1100 of Currys vouchers to use and still not sure what to go for. If the PS51D6900 has corrected the sync issues then I might just get that.


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LOL well my PS3 is sitting under the empty TV spot waiting.

Your analysis is spot on Dog. Now, all I need is a prefessional review!

Thanks buddy.


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Well the time is approaching peoples! Tomorrow I pickup my ps59D550 as it arrived into the shop today!

I can't see reviews anywhere in the interwebz, so I will report back after the weekend with my findings!

If it has the same picture quality as the PS50C6900 I will be happy! (Minus the 'blinking' I hope)!


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So far so good. The pic quality is noticably better than the PS50C6900, which is suprising as its a 59" set and I thought I would have noticed more flaws.

I used the same calibration settings as my old 6900, but I had to up the sharpness to 20.

IR has been practically zero. I really mean nothing so far. On my 6900, when in the BD5900 bluray player menu with the logos and apps, IR was present within 30 seconds, but not this time.

Some calibration settings are missing that were present in the 6900, but this had no negative effect on picture quality.

The images just 'pop' better on this set!

I have yet to try 3D, so I will report back on that.

But this set is an absolute steal at £1240!! And at 59" (+1 @ 60") it's a beast!!!!

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