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Hi to all.

Just ordered an Samsung LE37B530. I have seen on a store and was impressed by the picture. Here i found good feedback about him so i bought it.
It has one problem: when it starts, the image is not shown, either the sound. After 1-2 minutes the imagine apperas but is like an still picture. The sound appears as well, but with glitches. After another 1-2 minutes, the both are ok. Kept shutting off and turning on, this problem does not appear again, until in the morning, after the tv taked his rest (8 hours of sleep). I shut him by remote, so he's on a stand by mode.
I tried with and without a cable decoder, the problem is always there, like i said, only in the morning.
It is now at service, and i am waiting news from them. Strange problem for a brand new tv.
Anyone...some advices?

One more think: i entered the service menu to view how many hours the tv has, but i can not find something like that. Where exactly to look for that hint ? I have ordered to an online shop, and i want to see if the product was "new". If you can point me where to look i'll be grateful.

Thanks in advance for the reply, much appreciated

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Just called them. They say that the tv doesn't have any problem at all. They had it for 3 days and they tested and nothing....Very strange...

About the service menu,i want to tell me exactly where to watch to see hours of operation, or what to look for.



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Are you sure that this is not an issue with your aerial (the picture being frozen because if lack of signal)?

Do you get the same issue with an external input e.g a DVD player or satellite box?



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It sounds like an signal problem but is not. I have digital cable tv with an receiver. The signal is taken to 2 tv's: the lcd and to an crt (both samsung..:p). Only to lcd appears that, and only at first hour in the morning. And only for a couple of minutes.

Thanks for the reply.

About the service menu, can you help me with a hint pls? There is a lot of information there, but i don't know where to look..:)

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