Samsung 46inch LNT4665F No Picture but can hear sound - Please Help!



Please tell me that this problem can be fixed? My Samsung 46inch LNT4665F Is 1 1/2 years old and we have loved it but today when I turned it on the picture comes on for just a split second and goes off but the sound continues. The screen is totally black. I can change the channel and hear that I'm on a new channel but no picture.

I've unplugged it and waited two minutes and still same result. I've tried plugging it into a different outlet on but doesn't help. I've unplugged everything except the cable signal and doesn't help. I've unplugged the cable signal and plugged just my xbox 360 in and the source changes to the xbox panel and I can hear it but can't see it.

I've watched the back of the LCD TV when I turn it on and the tubes of light come on in the back (I can see them through the vents in the back of the TV) but then the go off in the split second of picture viewing.

I've also let the TV sit for a few hours and then turned it back on but again, no luck.

So, I have no picture on a $3,000 Samsung after 1 1/2 years. PLEASE tell me this issue is fixable. I just discovered the closest Samsung service center is 2 hours away.

Is there anyone else who has experienced this with your Samsung or other LCD TV recently? What did you do?

Any suggestions would be helpful.


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chances are a board fault,or dry solder.
best bet,is try,as its a forum that covers where you are located,more so than here,being a predominatly uk/european forum.
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