Samsung 46D6100 vs 46EH6030


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I can't find details on the D6100 anywhere?

Is it a good set?

What are the differences between it and the EH6030?

I can't find anything, this tv hunt is driving me crazy!

Anybody own one?



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Have you used the search function - I am sure there are many D6100 owners, but they've probably not posted for a while as it's a discontinued model. Is full HD 3D important to you, as the D6100 doesn't do this.

I don't think your choice of smilie next to your 'thanks' is the best one - appears very grudging!


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I used the search, I was more after a list of spec with a review, can't seem to find one online.

The angry face was supposed to represent my frustration at hunting down this tv, not directed at the good folk of avforums!

It seems the tv is an lcd model, so I believe the EH model is superior.

Thanks again


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They are both LED edgelit LCDs

Here is the D6 series main thread

And the 3D issue

The TV is 18 months old now, don't expect there'll be much new news ... pop D6100 in the search box and see what comes up

The EH is newer, dunno if superior


40-inch EH6030 Series 6 3D Full HD 1080p LED TV | UE32EH6030 - Samsung UK - OVERVIEW

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