Samsung 46B750 Vs Philips 47PFL7404 Vs Panasonic 46G10


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I have been doing the rounds to try and find a TV to replace my 36" Philips (Monster) CRT.
I can't help but be impressed by the quality of the Samsung Range from the B650 up to the 8000 LED Range and the Philips 47PFL9664 and 47PFL7404.
My budget was originally £1000 but like many it has started to creep up as I seem to find yet another excellent TV.
I know the forum seem to have many Die Hard Plasma fans and are always extolling the virtues of Plasma and in particular the Panasonic G10 and V10. Because of this I revisited Plasma to try and understand what I could be missing.
There is no doubt that you certainly get a lot of Plasma TV for the money and in PCWorld they had a 50" Samsung for £599 which did have a really good picture. However all the Plasmas seem to have dark grey screens rather than the blacks of the better LCD's which put me off especially as I want a decent picure in normal daylight and not just in a darkened room.

Unfortunately I could not find a 46" Panasonic G10 to compare with the 2 LCD's mentioned.
The picture on both the Samsung and Philips were excellent but sat side by side (in JL) the Samsung seemed to have a very slight blueish tinge compared to the Philips 7404 and the Philips 9664 above it.
These were all showing normal TV in SD which wasn't the best source to compare.
I am sure others have been down this route and done comparisons so would like to hear the opinions from the Samsung B750 owners and Philips 7404 owners.
My preference is for the Philips due to its very slim frame and a shortage of space.
I don't need it for gaming so response time not an issue.
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