Samsung 46'' Flat Panel LCD TV - LCD or Plasma??


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Afternoon everyone.

I am looking for a low to low-middle end 42"+ TV.

I have been looking as Plasma's as LCD's seemed to stop at around 36", and I required larger.

However, it seems Samsung have a 46" LCD available, and the price is a little over £2000 - reasonable in my humble opinion.

But what's better - Plasma or LCD??????


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Dystran said:
But what's better - Plasma or LCD??????
It depends what you want to use the TV for really. LCDs tend to have slightly higher resolutions which means that they can display more information on the screen. But LCDs have pretty poor dark blacks in comparison to Plasmas. Plasmas consume more power than LCDs. However Plasmas are far more prone to screen burn-in than LCDs.

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