samsung 42" q96 model info req


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i have the samsung 42" q96 model from currys and just a few days old,its my first plasma and i have read about screen burn and stuff whats it all about.
I was told it can make a image stay on a screen,does this tv not come with screen burn built into it and i take it that its working all the time to stop burn or does it have to be selected,or does it only need to be used when it happens.
When will i know i have it and what should i do to fix it,also i notice when you watch most tv these days lots of channels etc have logos on all the time,nothing you can do with them,do these affect the burn.
Also would you recommend i use my xbox360 with this tv,dont want to damage it if i connect it.

Also im sure i read about how you can get best settings on this forum,my picture looks ok if you as me,but is there even better settings to use or just leave it the way i have.
Also anyone else tell me about this tv or recommend i should do which would help picture,sound etc,etc.
Also i hear about pixel problems how do i know when i have this,im sure i would notice if i had this already as if faulty i be on to currys right away.
I also have not removed the stickers thats on it from new,do most of you leave them on or have removed them there is one large on on the left and one smaller on on the right.


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Samsung claim they have some anti-screenbrun features, like picture shifting, I expect some are options but I must admit I didn't notice them on a mate's Q97. Maybe I wasn't looking for them.

on screen Logos (DOGs) are the main concern but modern plasmas don't really seem to suffer. Some people have had retention (image lingers when the screen goes all white but disappears after a few seconds on a channel without the logo) whereas burn is a far more serious and rare occurence so don't panic if see a bit of retention after having Sky Sports News on for 6 hours :)

I wouldn't worry about it too much, it's hyped out of all proportion.

As for settings, I cranked the contrast & brightness way down on my mate's Samsung, and it looked much more natural. And I turned DNE off. Dead pixels are almost unheard of on plasmas although they can happen. If you haven't spotted them, then you either haven't got any or you don't need to care :)

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