Samsung 42" - Differences with/without Tuner Box?


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Just got off the phone with Richer Sounds, who have got in one of the Samsung 42" plasmas without the tuner box - the PS-42P2S, and i'm making arrangements to go down and have a look. Unfortunately because of the time of year they have said that they can't do a "proper" demo, since the screen is in it's box with other items in the demo room - which is full of boxes.

Getting it out to have a look is no problem, but they are short on space and don't have enough room to get it plugged in and plug in a dvd player, but when pushed the manager said that it could be held up (since there's no stand) and turned on and tested as long as the place isn't too busy.

He stressed that they have a 14day no quibble returns policy, and that since i had seen a 42" + Tuner box working in dixons i would be able to return it under the 14day guarantee if i'm not entirely happy. I'm reasonably happy with this - my doubts come from the fact that in the past i've both experienced and heard of these "no-quibble" guarantees having drawbacks. This is where the trusty credit card comes in :)

As far as i can tell there is no difference between the model with the tuner box and the model without, it's just a matter of what inputs there are, and where they are located.

If anybody knows of anything different between the models please let me know.

I've been so impressed with the 42" plasmas i've seen so i'll probably just turn up and buy it, then worry about using the 14 day return if i need to, but it's nice to be prepared.

Just got to decide what speakers and receiver to get with it. Having spoken to the manager they are happy to swap the £50 speakers that come with the Samsung for a £50 discount off of a speaker and receiver bundle - which is nice :)

I'll get some pics and details posted as soon as i get a chance.

Chris Connew
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Cool..... I too think I am about to jump on the Sammy bandwagon.

U can get the Tuner seperatly from Samsung (or whoever) but its likely to cost about £300 + ....not sure it's worth it except for the Component connections.

For the time being I wil be fine with the s-vid & scarts as I need to change my four year old dvds etc yet.

Anyway...good luck matey in your purchase.


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I saw that one for £2189 + vat from my Computer wholesaler. Is that what they are asking for it?




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Richer Sounds are asking £2299 inc VAT for the Sammy (excludes Tuner, but includes a set of speakers)

Despite the picture on the website, it is the Silver version they are selling.


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kirk - i noticed aswell that Samsung seemed to have changed their webpage info on the UK website for the 42" - now lists a tuner box as an accessory.

Although you can apparently get the tuner box from Samsung, the Richer Sounds model has a VGA in on the panel, whereas if you go in dixons and have a look, the model in there, which ends in XD if i remember right has DVI IN and VGA in on the tuner, and the tuner connects to the panel VIA DVI - which apart from the power and serial control port are the only connectors on the one in Dixons.

It's very frustrating not being able to get firm details on all of these things :(

Might be a silly question but... where on the Richer Sounds website is the Samsung - so far when i've been looking i've been unable to see it.



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hmmmm The Samsung was showing on the RS website earlier today and now it has gone again...odd!

Anyway, I have a chat with the Milton Keynes branch today and they said that component is available by the optional Tuner which I would nedd to get via Samsung.

I went into Dixons in Bluewater today.......saw the Sammy beside the Pioneer 43" ......hmmmm......Sammy was rather humbled it has to be said......but then again...I also saw the Hitachi 32" .....ooooh dear!

It didnt get to check how they were connected or indeed even check the screen settings....but the Sammy was okay...the Pio was pin sharp....but washed out colours in my opinion.

Like I said...peeps have probably been buggering about with the settings on all the panels......

Just not sure what to do at the moment....the only thing I am sure of is that in my opinion the difference that was apparent between the Pio & Sammy was clear enough...but not good enough to justify the cost differences.
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