Samsung 40UED5520 "rough finish"


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hi i just got a lovely LED Samsung 40UED5520 while i love the picture and it is better gaming lag than my previous LGPK350,i may have found one fault with it.On the back on the right hand side,just above the digital optical audio port,there appears to be a serial number and a port that seems too be blanked off.But,the edges above the port or a rough finish and not smooth like the rest.You think this is a fault or common?i am calling out an richer sounds engineer tomorrow.any help would be good.Ps would u change the picture settings-i noticed contrast is 100%?thanks.And on hdtv test their picture showed some kind of `flap` where i described.


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I can't be the only one trying to make sense out of this???
Are you complaining about a roughly finished piece of the rear cover on the Tv?


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It would seem so! :confused:


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I have re-named the thread instead of just "Re". Please check thread title is appropriate before creating. Thank you :)


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murphman1971 said:
yes there is a roughly finished edge above a blanked off socket.i dont know if it is normal or a fault?

No, that wouldn't be considered as a "fault" and is perfectly normal.

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