Samsung 40N73 going back after faulty 8 months, what now?



After an intermittent reoccuring fault the LE40N73 is going back, I will have £999 to play with - what to do?

The Samsung has been great other than the failing backlight, I may simply go for a LE40M87BDX - I know this is 1080p however reading the threads some seem to have issues with this screen, however I beleive it would be an upgrade on the N73. Alternatively what else should be considered? I have seen some good packages with Sony 40W2000 and a HD/DVD dual tuner freeview box.

Suggestions and recommendations would be very appreciated.

Thanks Ian


W2000 is a great set especially on PQ and overall performance.But it also has clouding!!!If you are lucky and your tv hasnt clouding you will really enjoy this tv(new sets are coming but will be more expensive)


Thanks to you both.
Re the Sony it reads well however I really would not cope with clouding... hence this should be ruled out.

The Samsung 40F86 looks really nice, I think waiting for this may be wise, stock looks very limited at the moment.

My biggest problem now appears to be my wife who seriously thinks we should pocket the money and bring the old CRT back into the lounge - would you believe it! (we have had an expensive few months).

The alternative could be buying back a 40N73 at a discounted price, however I really do fancy 1080p.


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