Samsung 40M87DB vs Sony 40V3000 vs Toshiba 42XV505


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Hi all,

Basically I'm getting a new TV I have a budget of aroudn £850 tops and I've narrowed it down to those 3 and possibly the Samsung LE40A558 if I can find it for cheap enough, the question is which one should I go for and are there any I've missed out that I should be thinking about. I want football to look good on it, not so fussed about gaming, but HD and SD quality is pretty important. I've also thought about the 40Z3030 but it's slightly more expensive and don't know if it's worth it, so people help me out!!




I'm a similar position, however the following are on my list;

SONY 40V3000 (~£730)
SONY 40W3000 (~£999)
SONY 40W4000 (~£999)
SAMSUNG LE40M87BD (~£750)

Its a tough choice, but from what i can see the magazines and reviews seem to suggest the above as the best.:thumbsup:


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I would definitely avoid the M87,just stay away....old model full of bugs and complaints.The 40A558 is a far more better choice.But from all those the best is the new W4000 series which from the first comments seem just a top set


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Yeah so then its between A55 series samsung and V3000


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Yeah also the tosh is on par I would say,the only con vs the other two are the slightly lighter blacks


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I've just bought the 40V3000 and have to say so far I'm blown away by it!! :thumbsup:

John Lewis price match @ £675 with a 5yr warranty!


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