Samsung 40" or LG 42"?? Any Advice??


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I'm in the market to buy a bigger LCD TV. Moving my Woollies 32" Technosonic (Thomson) into another room to keep the kids happy.

Can't decide between these 2 which I've seen whilst trawling for something affordable yet stylish.

Any help would be appreciated. Ta.

Samsung LE40R87BDX £599 in EmpireDirect
LG42LC46 £599 in Currys with free stand.[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=ccdcadedmhghhedcflgceggdhhmdgmi.0&page=Product&fm=12&sm=0&tm=0&sku=036733&category_oid=

Should have said... I'll be mostly watching TV through Sky Box, DVD's through upscaling DVD player, playing Xbox 360. Although I am thinking of upgrading to Sky HD and PS3 at some point. Depends if more HD programmes become available to justify the cost of the box etc. etc.


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I too have just come back from currys and had seen the LG42LC46 @ £599, so thought i would see if i could find any thing out. Anybody any thoughts?

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