Samsung 3DTV LE40C750 vs LED UE40C6000


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Dear members,

Im pulling my hair out and need advice... Recently I visited our local Curry store and was demonstrated a brilliant LED UE40C6000 TV. The reason it was so good is that they had this against a 40" Plasma and LCD and showed us the text and the black background.

However I was shocked to hear that (according to the web) some stores adjust the contrast of the sets so that it makes the LED better than the others...

Then I came across the LE40C750 which apparently is 3D capable. The only downside is that its not super thin LED and I have only seen this TV online - yet the price is better!

Has anyone seen both TV's and can they make any recommendations? I should also point out that I have lost the argument with the other half to place the TV on the wall - so this is going to be sitting on a stand.



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Hi Paul

here is a review I published on AVSForum regarding my experience with a Samsung UE40C6000 LED TV.:

In few words I had not owned any HDTV set before purchasing a Samsung LED UE40C6000. (in States is UN40C6000 i think). I had been reading about HDTVs on many sites, trying to decide which HDTV to purchase for at least 2-3 months. I have read the CNET HDTV reviews of their top recommended sets. Finally one weekend I went to my local retailer in Sofia (Technomarket) with 2 sets in mind both Samsungs. One their Series 7 LCD and the other a little more expensive Series 6 LED. After tormenting myself for 2 hours there, and you really cant see anything in a showroom, the ambient light is very bright, there are reflections of everything everywhere, I bought the LED. Am I happy with it after looking at it in my house? NO.
May be part of my disappointment is because I didnt know what to expect of a LED Series 6 of Samsung. The colours are pretty, the SD from what I can tell is great. It has codecs for xVID, DIVx, what not. It can display subtitles in cyrillic. However the cons of this set are far too great I think for a reasonably demanding viewer. I would like people to be informed before purchasing Samsung Series 6 LEDs, as I feel, I have been misinformed by all the ads, silly shop consultants, and at the time of purchase lack of any thorough reviews.
This is what I found out about the set:
- in HD, playing blue-ray from a Sony Vaio via HDMI cable, all Movie Plus presets apart from off or clear produced a jaggy/ jerky motion where frames were clearly dropped. I cannot claim this 100% the TV's fault as I didnt have any control devices, cables, etc.
- far the worst problem of the TV is the backlighting. You should really be aware of this before deciding to buy such a TV. I have spent hours testing and playing around with the TV's settings. Naturally it didn't help, but I had to be sure. I have photographed the uneven, cloudy backlight and I am sharing my photos with you. I have taken the photos 5 min after TV start (very acceptable levels of irregularity), 45 mins after TV start (you can clearly see grey patches / stains appearing over the black background!!) 1h 45 mins (the patches intensity increases a little more). The scene is from 2012 the movie from a blue ray source. It is the opening sequence of the movie where you can see without a doubt the level of backlight clouding that these sets display. Here are the photos:
- 5 mins after power on:


- 45 minutes after power on:


- 1h 45 mins after power on:


for further reading you might refer to here: Official Samsung LED UNXXC6300 through UNXXC6800 & UNXXC6900 Owners Thread - Page 33 - AVS Forum
I hope this information is useful to you when deciding what to buy.
best of luck,


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I bought the 40C6000 last week and found the same issue with clouding on the left top side, about 15 cm from left edge. Internet search turned up many pictures in different forums of clouding on the left side. One post hinted that the connector board is behind this area. TV menu settings have no influence on it.
I checked the back side of the TV, and indeed all connections are close to the affected areas. There is one phillips screw in the corner of the 2 connector areas. It is ~5 cm from the left edge (seen from the back it is the right edge). It was torqued extremely tight. I unscrewed it so that it sticks out about 3 mm. You probably could remove the whole screw and not have any problem, since the PCB board must be attached inside as well.
This completely solved my clouding problem! I repeat: this completely solved the clouding! I checked several nights in a row now, but no problem anymore. I see no clouding anywhere on the panel anymore. Just very slight edge bleed. Dark scenes playing in a dark room are fine.
Another post mentioned that hanging heavy cables from the connectors may make the problem worse, so take care to strain relief those. And there was another post that said that rubbing the edges with a clean microfiber cloth may also make edge bleed go away. I haven't tried that.
My guess (not based on data, but based on experience in optics): The edge led solution requires light guides to distribute the light from the edge over the whole panel. These are probably made of some kind of plastic. When plastic is squeezed, it becomes birefringent. This affects the polarization of the backlight. A LCD screen contains 2 polarizers with in between the LCD liquid, that rotates polarization when current is fed through it. In the black state, you are looking at a state of crossed polarizers. The amount of light that leaks through is very sensitive to the quality of the polarizers and the relative orientation. Any small change to incoming polarization state will induce backlight bleed. So in short: stress the backlighting lightguides and clouding occurs. Maybe these panels have no clouding at all before they are inserted into the enclosure. But the enclosure is thin and the screws are very tightly torqued to prevent problems during shipping.
I have the TV mounted on the stand that came with it. I don't know if mounting it to a wall bracket will cause clouding by stressing the panel. If so, then probably mounting on 3 screws only (two on top, one on the bottom) with some washers between bracket and TV can create a kinematic mount that transfers minimal forces to the panel. The 4th screw can be loosely inserted but should not be torqued.


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thanks for the time taken to answer my questions :). I am very glad you managed to resolve the clouding so easily. Unfortunately I had clouding on other segments not just on the left.. I have already gave up on Samsung and have swapped the TV with a Panasonic neo-pdp tx-p42v20. I am very happy with the exchange even though I had to pay 200 eur extra.
thanks again for your time,

Mike London27

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My samsung UE40C6000 has the same problem as snoop088 out of the box, the clouding looks exactly the same as your photos making that cross pattern - its like I got your faulty TV. I can see this in broad daylight on any dark scene. I am having it taken back and swapped. I'm just worried the new one will have the same problem. Anyone else have this particular pattern? :thumbsdow

Mike London27

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I have just recieved my replacment TV (sames model), and guess what it has the same problem :suicide: - same pattern but slightly less bright. I am gutted! My confedence in samsung TVs has gone out the window and I don't know what to do:confused::mad:.

Note the panel on this tv is an s while the previous was a c. So it is not down to the pannel type.


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Major shame about the Ue40C6000

I picked one up today but will be returning due to very similar problems with the back light - I also noted that while using my xbox 360 on halo reach i noticed a image "ghosting" particually around the targeting recticle. I thought it may have been the disc - I took it out and cleaned it - tried changing xbox display settings. same problems. tried a dvd ( Final Fantasy 7 Advent children) and it had some very noticable problems with the picture. i tried tweaking the settings but to no avail.

I've been in the market for a new TV for a while specifically 100Hz and 1080p so unfortunately will have to carry on looking.


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C750, I had the C6000 or C7000 can't remember which, switched it for the 750, it's cheaper, and in my opinion better.


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you may wont to look at the SAMSUNG PS50C680
50 inch 3D Plasma TV 1080p HD Ready Freeview at £749 from richer sounds ?


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has anyone actually contacted samsung over the clouding matter ??? as i was just about to purchase the Samsung UE40C6000 this week until i read this !!!!


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what is the tv LED 3D TV that is least affected by non uniform back lighting?


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I have heard there are a few problems with the UE40C6000, although this could be just a few people. 100% of TV's that are dispatched are never going to be 100% of the time perfect. Why? I don't no. But It happens, but going on average reviews the LE40C750 beats the UE40C6000

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