Samsung 32" probs


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Ive recently bought a 32" samsung lcd and to say the least i find the picture quality frankly aweful! Why is my 4 year old crt so much better?

I think ive lost faith in this new wave of tv. Is there anything i can do to make it better? ive played with the settings for hours but it still looks as bad as whn i first plugged it in.

I guess its going to have to go back as im definitely not seeing 550 quids worth of tv!! :(

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HighQ - I bought a Samsung N series 32 inch and it is stunning but there are known issues around the types of panel used for the R series.

What model did you buy?


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Hi there its the R72.

Its ok with my xbox through 720, but still not brill. I guess i expected to much from all this HD hype!

Watching ntl is almost unwatchable as the picture is so crap! this is connected through scart.
My trusty old mega drive though rf is as bad as the ntl, i guess these are the main two that are enough to make me take it back.

I just cant believe how a £550 tv can have such a cheap crappy looking picture! My 26" Philips crt which cost about £150 brand new is a thousand times better!


its the fact its a 1080 Screen, displaying SD TV.



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So for my xbox i should be using 1080?

How would i go about getting a decent picture will i have to get sky hd?

Its only for the bedroom so i dont really want to spend mega money on sky hd. Would freeview give a decent picture? well better than ntl?

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Matt is much more expert on this than I am but personally I have had no problems with the N series. SD is simply stunning.

This thread has some thoughts on the panel type:


Some people have been having problems due to the use of the inferior CMO panel type compared with the S-PVA panel.

One of the reasons I bought an N series was that they guarantee an S-PVA panel.


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Thanks for the link mate! It seems i have the lesser cmo which will explain the poor quality. It shall defo be going back now!

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