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Samsung 32" M87 Vs PS3 (for dvd/bluray)


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This is my first post on here, so please don't flame me for being stupid! :smashin:

My setup is very straight forward
Samsung M87 (Freeview)
PS3 250gb (Gaming/DVD/Blueray)

As you can see - i'm clutter free!

My problem however...
The sound quality out of my TV is more than good enough for me even when gaming (COD etc)
However, when i play a DVD/Bluray the sound quality is very poor.
There is no break-up or distortion, but the balance(?) seems to be wrong. What i mean is, quiet parts in films are too quiet, loud parts are too loud and there seems to be a lack of overall frequencies.
I have the PS3 set-up for Linear output via a HDMI. I have tried all the different frequecy set-ups for linear but they all sound the same.
Obviously as i'm not using a 5.1 or DTS etc i don't select these...

What am I doing wrong - its almost at the point where the sound is so varied that they are unwatchable - it wasn't like this with my old ps2 for DVD's

Is this a software setup issue or do i need some new hardware?

I could buy a 5.1 but i'm not really interested in having to use a seperate remote control for the volume (i.e. needing a new amp)

Please help
Nooby Stu
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I'm afraid TV's don't really cut it when it comes to audio quality. Audio quality seems to have been forgotten about with the advent of LCD/Plasma. Maybe it' simply the design of the TV. Don't get me wrong, some are better than others but rarely does it get more than a cursory mention in reviews.

If you go with a new 5.1 setup, the only way to avoid not using an additional remote (is that really a reason not to go for 5.1?!!) would be to buy either a Samsung system with Anynet+ or a universal remote control e.g. Logitech Harmony which will control all your equipment but would require a bluetooth adapter for the PS3 as it doesn't use Infra Red (IR) remote control. As you already have a PS3 for movie playback, buying an all-in-one with a built-in DVD or Bluray player would be pointless. Ideally you want a system that can handle LPCM audio via HDMI or one with HD audio decoding (look for DTS HD master audio and Dolby True HD) so you can access the latest high definition lossless audio soundtracks found on bluray movies. Unfortunately I don't know of any Samsung systems with this feature but that's not to say there aren't any. The cheapest routes to HD audio would be Sony HT-IS100, Onkyo HTS-3305 (5305 is better option) and Onkyo HTX-22HDX systems. Otherwise you're looking at separates.

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