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Samsung 32" LCD TV (LW32A23W) Mini-Review

Discussion in 'Samsung TVs Forum' started by lfarrand, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. lfarrand

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    Aug 18, 2003
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    We ordered the Samsung 32" LCD TV (LW32A23W) from BE-Direct two weeks ago on a Sunday and it was delivered on the Wednesday after. 3 days from ordering to delivery is excellent IMHO for a TV like this. The total price was £2169.99 inc. VAT and delivery.

    BE-Direct were also very helpful and friendly when we we dealing with them. They even phoned Samsung to verify the colour of the TV for us.

    First impressions were excellent. The TV itself is all silver; there are a few pictures dotted about that show this TV as being silver but with a black 'picture frame' around the screen itself. This picture is incorrect; I believe it is a picture of the older 29" or 40" Samsung LCD TV.

    Picture quality is amazing on the right input. Component input from the XBox looks great; however the RGB Scart input leaves a lot to be desired since there is some background noise on the signal. Whether that is due to my Scart cables, the TV circuitry or the analogue nature of the RGB signal itself I'm not sure. I don't think it's due to my cabled since they are the heavy duty gold plated & oxygen free ones that I got from BeyondHIFI a while ago. I guess because the resolution of this TV is so high relative to regular CRT TV's, it's showing up the 'poor' quality of the RGB signal. I haven't tried the DVI input yet, but I'm building a HTPC today so I'll test it and post again with the results later on.

    I haven't noticed any ghosting with this TV; the response time is listed as 16ms Tr+Tf. DVD's and TV programs both look fine, as do games on the XBox. As an aside, 720i mode on the XBox looks amazing when compared to RGB Scart, which it should do

    Black levels are poorer than on the old CRT TV, but again this is to be expected. They aren't so much of a problem that they bother me or my partner, and they are a characteristic of all LCD displays on the market at the moment. Contrast on the other hand is excellent; and the DNIe mode sharpens the picture and enhances the contrast even further.

    As for audio, I haven't tested the TV's inbuilt audio since we already have a seperate 5.1 system, but it comes with an integrated DD5.1/DTS/PLII decoder with speaker outputs on the back.

    NOTE: The TV only ships with 2 stereo speakers; if you want full surround sound you will have to buy extra speakers and a subwoofer.

    There are a plethora of inputs on this TV:


    2x Component
    1x DVI-I (HDCP)
    1x RGB Scart
    1x Composite Scart
    1x S-Video
    1x Composite RCA/Phono
    1x RF Coaxial


    1x RCA/Phono
    1x Digital Optical
    1x Digital Coaxial
    1x 3.5" Mini-Jack

    And some outputs too:


    1x 3.5" Headphone Mini-Jack

    Centre Channel
    Front Right
    Front Left
    Rear Right
    Rear Left

    All in all I can say that IMHO this is an excellent TV set and I would reccomend it over the Sony model. Style wise the Sony wins hands down, but the external tuner box and lack of DVI input put me off that particular set. I would also choose the Samsung over the Philips since I didn't like the idea of integrated speakers. At least on the Samsung you can detach them if you wanted to. As for the Sharp and LG models, I haven't had any experience with them although I believe that the older Sharp models had a lower resolution than the 1280x768 that the Samsung has; I'm not sure if their newer models have a hgiher res. but that was definitely a factor for me since I intend on playing PC games on there too.

    Hope this is of use to someone,


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