Samsung 26" Problems. Please help.



Hi everyone, sorry if I've done something wrong in posting this.

But I have a question. I have the 26" samsung LE26R74. The TV has this really annoying function where the brightness constantly goes up and down depending, I noticed it whilst watching a movie. It's so annoying, anyway how I can stop this? I've looked through all the menu's..

Something I'm missing? Thanks.


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My Samsung 40" also used to do this. Fix it by hitting the power button on your remote to put the TV into standby mode then press:


Then hit the poewr button again to turn the TV back on. It should now be in the service menu, if not, then repeat the process til it works.

I think you have to go to the 2nd or 3rd option menu down & there should be something called "Dynamic Dimming". Set this option to off & it should do the trick! Don't mess with any other setting though like I did, now my energy save feature doesn't work. Could be a coincidence or ralated to my fiddling with the settings, most probably coincidence.

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