Samsung 225MD + TVLINK = Poor Sky/HD PQ :(


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I received a Samsung Syncmaster 225MD 22" LCD HDTV/Monitor from BigPockets a few days ago..

It's to be used in the bedroom mainly for watching TV (duh) and also hooking my laptop to watch some movie content/surfing in bed :D etc..

We have a TV link thing in our bedroom so we can watch Sky and all the content from our Sky HD box downstairs in the bedroom...

I auto-tuned the analogue signals and also DTV which worked a treat.. PQ was fine.. (for normal terrestrial tv channels)

then found the channel which picks up my sky box and it's nowhere near as good

even the HD channels are looking well.. non-hd..
it looked extremely crisp on my 14" crt, but on this 22" lcd even the analogue broadcasts are better than the sky channels.. which is shocking

am i doing something insanely wrong?
have a missed a setting or something?

Also, about 80% of the time, when you switch the TV on standby, there's a slight buzzing noise (quite audible actually in a silent room) like a fan or something... if you unplug from the mains or turn the TV on, it stops..
eventually the fan (or whatever it is) stops.. i'd say about half an hour or so...

Is this supposed to happen or should I return the unit for another one? Bearing in mind I will have to pay for the postage costs!...

Any advice would be really appreciated..


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Hello mate.

i have the same TV and it too makes a noise while on standby.
as i am not the only that suggests that i don't have a faulty set.

i might try getting one of them plug things that stops the TV from getting power while on standby, as that should stop the noise.


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