Samsung 22" LCD backlight bleed?


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Hi chaps, 1st post, so be gentle!

It might be me being over-fussy, but we've just bought one of these for the bedroom:


...and probably because I've been watching it with no other lights on, there is a noticable lighter border around the outside of the screen - ie the very edges, which can really only be immediately noticed on dark scenes or with broadcasts with black bars.

It's not something I've ever noticed on the Sony in the lounge, or the Goodmans in the kitchen, but having just darkened those rooms down, it is slightly noticable, but not to the extent of the new TV.

I've had a play with the backlight settings and brightness etc, and it appears a little less prominent, but was wondering if anybody else notices this with their LCD.

I don't think I can be bothered to send it back, but if it continues to bug me I might have to!

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From what you are saying it looks like bleed. Unusual to get it all round the edge though, normally on corners or on part of the screen edge.

IMO get the TV replaced.



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Cheers for the reply.

@ the mods, sorry, didn't cross my mind - not a good start eh? Won't happen again.:oops:

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