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    Hi everybody,

    I am hoping someone will have experience in this and has a few suggestions. I have looked over the forum which has helped me form parts of this question..

    I've got a Samsung 172W TFT Monitor found here , and would like to be able to watch DVD video through the VGA input without the need for a PC whatsoever... cant stand the buz/hum when watching films!

    From what I've read I need either:

    a) the syncblaster scart -> vga cable - although i don't know because there is something about only working with a specific horizontal frequency which doesn't seem to be covered by the tft specs.

    b) an Aver TV Box 3 - from what I can see on the specs I think i should just be able to use s-video out from my DVD player to the s-video in on the Aver TV Box and then from there to the VGA input on the LCD

    c) ProV - but read it can only do 4:3 somewhere here on the boards

    A question that I have that applies to all three solutions is aspect ratio. How will the tft monitor being a fixed resolution/aspect ratio affect the dvd input if it's anamorphic widescreen or even 4:3. I'm assuming if it's anamorphic widescreen it'll look just right.

    Also wondering which will provide the best video quality due to the least conversions. Hoping someone may have actually tried this and can offer their experience as solid advice.

    Kind Regards


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