Samsung 1080p7 Bitstream (what is it?)



I am connecting the above player to a Sharp 42xD1E LCD. I read a review on the Samsung 1080p7 and people mentioned that when you change the Audio from PCM to Bitstream it makes a big difference. (The PCM Audio is fine at the moment)
If i change the DVD Audio setting to Bitstream and try and play a DVD disc it says "HDMI Audio not supported)
What does this mean? My TV should be able to take this signal
I have a cheap HDMI cable, could it be this?



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Hi Craigie,

I'm not too familiar with your TV etc., but you output bitstream when you are sending to an av amp for 5.1/7.1 surround. This will output 5.1 Dolby Digital, or DTS from the disc via coaxial/optical from your player. It will also not pass audio over the HDMI connection, hence the "HDMI not supported". In your case you only want 2 channel for your LCD. Therefore 2 channel PCM is the option for you when sending to a TV with built in stereo speakers. 2 channel PCM is of better audio quality than bitstream, which has undergone some quite severe compression. My player also will not pass audio via HDMI when setting to bitstream. It must be set to HDMI audio.

Also depending on the HDMI spec. will depend on what audio can be sent down the HDMI cable. 1.0 only supports 2 channel. 1.1 will support surround channels also, including uncompressed LPCM from hi def players. 1.2 SACD has been added, and 1.3 can send all of these plus Dolby True HD, and the other newer codecs undecoded to a suitable receiver.

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