Samssung M7 Monitor and Roku Express 4K frequently not exchanging screen data


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Mar 26, 2022
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Bucks, England

Apologies if this it not the right board, am new here.

While I'm not untechnical (I work as an IT support technician for a living), I'm scratching my head a bit over this, here goes

I bought this monitor (a Samsung M7 Smart Monitor) to replace a 32 inch Samsung Joiii 2016 TV as where my AV setup is backs onto a window and as the screen had a relfective finish on it it would be hard to see in bright light (I am an F1 fan so tend to watch the races on a Sunday afternoon)

The panel itself has a matt finish which has solved the issue (I did look at a couple of TVs but they seemed to have the same issue as the one I was replacing).

I have the following sources connected:

1 x Roku Express 4K
1 x Humax 1000S Freesat Box
1 x Samsung BD-J5500 Blu Ray player.
1 X Mac Mini (2014)

Now both the previous TV and this only have two HDMI ports and I have previously used Neet HDMI cables and a 3 inputs to 1 output switcher (Apple doesn't seem tolerant of these so used the other port for a direct connection to the Mac.

When I put the monitor in I was getting frequent HDCP errors from the Roku but it did dawn on me the sables were only HDMI 1.4, as was the switcher so I ordered a Neet 4K Switcher from Amazon and 4K certified cables from Kenable (these are thick and braided)

Put everything in and the monitor updated it's firmware (running version 1210) but I keep having an issue where the Roku keeps defaulting back to 720p when I turn the monitor on and wake it up (it's set to auto detect so it should get details from the monitor)

If I open Netflix or Youtube when it's in this state the main interface covers the whole screen but if I start a video it'll display only in the top left of the screen, to correct this I have to reboot the stick and it then detects the monitor as 1080p HDR10 (it's 4K capable at 30 frames per second)

If I force it to 4K and use NowTV it looks odd as that is only 720p so prefer to leave it as auto-detect if I can, oh I also sometimes see a light Purple looking screen when I switch on the monitor

Anyone else seen anything like this? any solution?
I recently purchased Samsung Monitor Model Number: LS32AM702UNXZA. It's a dog, truly not the quality I was expecting from Samsung. The Customer service has been even worse. I have a Samsung washer/dryer, TV, Phone, watch, tablet, and this monitor that is awful. It is dark, won't come out of sleep, and turns off when the computer turns the screen off (screensaver). today it changed screen resolutions and went blank. I tried for hours to get it back online. I hooked up my old monitor everything is ok. Back to the Samsung same issue no screen. I had to reinstall the OS to get it to work. Customer service said I could buy a New Monitor with no credit for this junk. It's 2 months old and flawed and expecting me to buy a new one is awful. you not backing the one I already own and want me to spend more money on a new more expensive one. really Samsung!

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