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This is my first real attempt at a home cinema set-up. Ive been inspired by seeing all the great examples on here. It is in my bedroom, as I still live at home, as you can see in one of the photo is my sink!

Would be great to get some feedback. Also if you have any questions about my room i'd be only to happy to answer them.:smashin:


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Thanks. The cable to the front speakers and TV is chased into the wall. For the rear speakers the cables for them went underneath the carpet and then inside the tubing on the speaker stands.

Thanks for your comments.

Dr Force

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That is a wonderful set up, so neat and tidy and nice to look at too.

Is that your sub in that cabinet/stand? if it is take it out to get a better sound in your bass.

Well done:thumbsup:


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Thanks for the nice comments. The only reason i keep the sub in the cabinent is due the the size of it. It the only place I can put it really.

Dr Force

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ahhh ok thats fair enough, you could cut a hole in the bottom of your bed and sit it under there for maximum thrill a minute effect:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


Nice set up there matey . Are they the now famous blue leds from ikea I spot there. :)

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Very nice set up you have their mate, very nice...:thumbsup:


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Great setup, well done



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Very nice setup you have their mate, i've got the same pioneer speakers and i was wondering how you managed to mount them on the wall without using speaker brackets?

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