sammy or a panny? first time buyer


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i'm just about to purchase my first proper t.v. so bit nervous about buying the wrong set, so any advice would be really helpful.

my budget is about £500 (to £600 if its really worth it.) not really bothered by 3d rather have a cracking 2d picture and happy to fork out again in a few years for a 3d set.

the t.vs going to go in my new flat which has a bit of small living room that is fairly light. so reckon 40" set is the biggest i can get away with without being uncomfortable don't mind 32 inch screen if the picture is great. looking for a set for tv viewing and for weekly film nights (possibly gaming in the future?)

been reading up on lots of reviews and i've nailed it down to a Samsung reckon the Samsung UE40D5520. because of reviews and that samsung offers love film content and good all round DLNA support and this t.v has 24p.

however i love the reviews of panasonic sets i have read but there online content seems weak and DLNA support seems rubbish, which puts me off.

however i thought that if i could get a great panasonic under £350 or £400 not worried about if its last years model as long as it's good. i could solve these issues with a playstation 3 acting as DLNA receiver, blue ray player and with the play tv add on freeview hd box and recorder.

or will i be wasting my money on a Samsung and should just fork out for a Panasonic? even though it dosen't offer the add ons i want.


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Panasonic 42" G30 has DLNA, 600 from RS. Whats the viewing going to be? plasma has better motion handling than LCD with higher motion resolution, so better for sport and has lower lag for gaming.


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Samsung looked better under shop lights in Richer Sounds, but once I had seen the G30 in the kinder lighting in the Panasonic store I had no doubt! If you don't want 3D, but want the best 2D only TV, the G30 is the clear winner from extensive research and personal opinion! I love it!

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