Sammy LE32R41BDX fault?


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I recieved one of the above today and when i power the set on the menu appears for about 2 seconds then the screen goes blank. If i turn the set off, then on again i get a picture for 2 seconds then back to the blank screen. If im quick during thoes 2 seconds i can change channel and see a picture or even put the menu up but no matter what i do the screen goes blank. I connected a DVD player through RGB and the same thing happens, although i can hear the sound no probs.
Ive been saving ages for this LCD and now i have this problem. I thought i would have been playing Pro evo by now.
Anyone any ideas??


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Thats not right!! Send it back and get another one. It will be worth it believe me.


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Yea, i thought so. To be fair Waratah have been really good. They are going to send out another when stocks arrive(Mon or Wed) and do a straight swap. Apart from getting a faulty TV, they have been great on the phone with advise and they ring back when they say.
I just hope they dont take long in getting stock.
Thanks for the second opinions guys.

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