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sammy le26r51b light border


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i am on my 3rd tv from dixons, the first had a screen fault, the second had over 10 dead pixels and now the 3rd one has arrived and i`m not too happy with it, it seems to me that when looking at the screen the edges seem brighter, not as black as they should be, when viewing a black background, the only way i can describe it is as though light is seeping through, i took it back to the shop, but they have just said it looks ok to them, so what now. is there a definate way to check these things out, or could it be me. any suggestions would be appreciated, oh and i bought it online but the local branch have been sorting it out since the return.
That's backlight seepage. It's pretty normal on all but the priciest LCDs, I think.

i took it back to the shop, but they have just said it looks ok to them, so what now
"To them" - tell them politely that isn't the issue and they're not the ones watching the TV. It's not OK for you. Press for a refund, if they don't cooperate tell them you don't expect this to be a feature of a television, that you find it irritating and with that in mind argue that the TV is not fit for purpose.

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