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Sammy HD-850 sent back....


Active Member
I've had the Samsung DVD HD850 for under a week now and i've boxed it up for return to Amazon....

I LOVED 1.the Quality of stuff like the Star Wars films in 1080i...
I HATED 1."HDMI AUDIO NOT SUPPORTED" message, even at some layer changes!
2. Multiregion...having to switch to NTSC...then upscale....then upscale again...just to watch the extras on stuff like DOOM.
3.That huge, unweildy, incomprehensible remote.
4.No sound from my TV, unless i fart about with PCM/Bitstream everytime.

This has to be one of the silliest dvd players around....why can't they make it easy?

So, what do i do now?
I want a Multi-region HDMI DVD player that is fun/easy to use.
I DO NOT want anything to do with Samsung!

Thanks for listening to my minor rant!


Well-known Member
Thank God I didn't get one of those then, was quite close to :eek:
I ended up buying a Philips DVP5900 and believe it suits your requirements and at only £79.99 now in Comet etc. it's cheap too.
It's got HDMI, is easy to multi-region hack, is simple to use and it's not a Samsung!
I heard from someone that owns these that the picture is fine, but the usability is a joke. Sounds like that was bang on - seems like such a waste, because it sounds like the sort things that could be corrected with new firmware.


Active Member
I actually rang up Samsung who had the brass nuts to say that the problems were down to my new Sony Kdfe50a12u tv!!!!!:eek: Also, that there are currently NO plans for a firmware upgrade to the 850.....:nono:

Today i've ordered a Multi region Sony NS92v....i'll let ya know how i get on.

Death to Samsung for such a shoddy product....


Lord Midas

Active Member
It's madness the amount of peeps who suffer with Samsung. :suicide:
I have a Samsung LE26R41BDX LCD and the Samsung DVD-HD950 and have never once had any problem with either of them. It's just top kit.

Maybe they made improvements on the HD950 so it wouldn't be a bugger like the HD850 :confused:


Active Member
According to several other threads, the 950 DOES suffer from the same technical shennanigans as the 850.....

I'm impressed by the PQ on most Sammy TV's....it's just i won't go near their DVD players EVER again.

Once bitten and all that!

Samsung's support for their LCD TVs is just as arrogant as what you've gone through. I used to have one for two days before I sent it back and it had tearing on 480p/60hz video. Despite the fact it happened on no other TV, apparently all my hardware was at fault, according to Samsung. Yep, my Xbox, GameCube, and DVD player, all had the same fault in their eyes, what a convenient coincidence!

It's a good thing I sent it back because I know a few people that got them the same time as me and they've either gone up in smoke or developed other faults, leaving the people without TVs for 2-3 months at a time while Samsung diddle around.


Active Member
Terrible customer service....
I didn't think bloody minded denial was an option in C.S. any more....

Anyhoo, after reading some of the stuff on the Sony i've ordered, i'm a little nervous...some say uttery outstanding, whereas others say, picture position shifting a-go-go.....just hope that with my TV being Sony, compatability won't be an issue....


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