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Apologies if this is stupid but im trying to set up 2 monitors to display the same image and I cant seem to get it going, I dont know if im just thick or if my system wont allow it.

Ive moved my PC into the lounge and have hooked it up to my Panasonic LCD TV for general use. The problem is every now and again the wife wants to use the PC while im watching tv etc. so ive brought the old monitor in and hooked it all up as well. My graphics card has 2 outputs so ive connected the monitor to the the DVI output via an adapter but so far all ive managed to do is get it so I can use the 2 screens in tandem so i can drag stuff over to the second screen, mouse pointer moves from one screen to the other etc. but this isnt what I want to do.

Is it possible to have exactly the same image (desktop icons etc.) on 2 screens at the same time so if I move the mouse it appears on both screens ?

If its any use I have the following:

XP Pro
3.2 processor with 1gb ram
Radeon ATI 9550 graphics card (256 DDR memory)



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it sounds like you have extended desktop activated - which is used to display different images on the screens.

Don't quote me on the terms as I use a German Vista version :eek:) - but when you right click on your desktop and select 'extended settings' or 'graphics settings' (top right tab) you have the opportunity to place a tick on a setting called something like 'mirror image on both screens'.

I'll have my company laptop with XP in English on again tomorrow, so I'll check the exact settings there.




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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you (ive been camping for the last few days :rolleyes:)

I'll have a look at my settings a fiddle a bit more.




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I have almost exactly the same setup. You've probably found it by now but there is a CLONE option in the catalyst control centre.

I have set this so get the same picture on both monitors but as the native resolution is 1366x768 on my Sony and 1280x1024 on my Sharp, I can't get a happy medium.

Does anyone know of a small program that could swap the resolution from one to the other as I won't be using both monitors at the same time.

Or a better option is to output the same picture but with different resolutions to the DVI/SVGA output. (I guess this can't happen as one is 16:9, the other is 4:3)


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