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I have just purchased a Panasonic 42PZ80B Plasma TV and I am now want a Home Cinema System and I initially looked at getting an out of the box system like a Sony DAV-DZ660.

However, I am now considering doing things semi properly and spending about £1000-£1200 on seperates instead. The system will be used 70% movies (mostly action) and 30% music (mostly rock). I also have a collection of Divx movies that I want to bring into the equation. My livingroom is a rectangle of approx 30m2.

My local dealer recommended the following setup:-
Yamaha DSPAX763 AVR, Kef 2005.3 speakers and a Onkyo DV-SP406 dvd player. Approx £1170 + cables.

Since then I have read lots of reviews and threads and I am more confused than ever.

1. Should I buy a 763 and an upscalling DVD or spend a little extra and buy an 863 and use my existing DVD player? Should I choose Onkyo or Denon instead or another.

The next minefield that I now need to tread is the 5.1 speaker setup to go along with the decision from above. The same dealer had some ex demo MJ Acoustic Pro Cinema 1 speakers @ £200 (down from £600) and if I added a Rel Quake (£280) he said it would be better value than the Kef's. I then checked out other speaker systems and offers there are alot of options.

2. What speakers would match the AVR system above?

a. Kef 2005.3 (£700)
b. MJ Acoustic Pro Cinema 1 speakers & Rel Quake (£580)
c. Q Accoustic 1010i 5.1 £450
d. Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 5.1 (£650)
e. Quad L-ite 5.1 (Refurbished £600)
f. Mordaunt Short Genie 5.1 (£400)
g. Mission E3 AV 5.1 E30 Fronts (£400)
h. Mordaunt Short Almunia (£500)
i. Epos ELS3 5.1 (£500)
j. Accoustic Energy Aego T5.1 (£650)
k. Something completly different.

I know the best thing to do is to demo these systems, but there aren't to many shops close by me to facilitate this. I have been told that the match up betweent AVR and speakers is crucial. So any help you can give me would be very welcome.

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