Samba + Windows Issues (Newbie)


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Oct 11, 2006
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Hi guys,

I am trying to setup up a simple file share system using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Samba to serve my Windows 10 desktop clients however I have a couple of problems that hopefully someone here will be able to help with.

Firstly, what user credentials am I expected to use when Windows prompts me for a username and password? When I setup an old QNAP NAS, Windows prompted me for a pin so I had to click 'use another account' and enter MYNAS\admin as the user and the corresponding password which worked a treat. When I try a similar approach with my new setup 'MYSERVER\myusername' all I get is a permissions error.

Now, I can bypass this issue by selecting 'allow guest account' in the file share tab in Ubuntu which stops Windows asking for login credentials but now I am left with another issue:

When viewed form within Windows Explorer, some of the files and folders have a little grey crosses next to the icon and while, if its a folder it will allow me to navigate into it, the files within the folders all have folder icons and are inaccessible throwing a 'handle is invalid' or 'directory name is invalid' error.

If I navigate to the shared folder in Ubuntu and run ls -l, all files and folders show the same drwxrwxrwx mynamy myname attributes and I can't see any difference between a file / folder that seems to work and one that doesn't.

I'm really struggling with this one and it doesn't help that I'm a Linux newb so go easy on me if you can.

With regards to Samba config, all I did was right click on the folder I wanted to share, enable sharing, tick the allow users to create and delete things then click ok. It wanted to download and install some Samba stuff which appeared to work.

Sorted at last.

Didn't know that if you used the docker-compose method, you needed to remove the containers, re edit the .env then reinstall the containers.

Changed the upstream dns as you said and all works perfectly.


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