Sam Turret.


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Should be a higher Killstreak. What an awseome killstreak, shoots down everything except a blackbird and dogs.

No need for any Strelas etc. Its an awesome killstreak, you rack up alot of xp with it.

Use it while everyone still uses UAV's, CUAV

I destroyed about 5 UAV's and and a gunship in one round, equivalent to 1100 xp in about 3 minutes, plus helps the team win.

If your playing with greenies it isnt a must, but in a full party surely someone on your team has this equipped, just the hassle of taking Strela's out is gone.

If you have ghost, The destruction of a killstreak by A sam turret won't contribute to the "take down 30 enemy killstreaks".

Dave H

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I use Sam turrets all the time until I get Hardline pro then I change it to something else.


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Damn.... Sadly this will be my last post on the forum. My boss is really ****** that I am not using my time efficiently at work. I had to have a meeting with him and he has decided to remove my internet access for the 'forseeable future'. I also will have to go on review to help me manage my 'minutes' better at work. :(


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Uh... why does he know your username?

But yah, do your work.


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Oh, you play with him? Weird... I'd be worried about killing him in an FFA out of fear he'd fire me, lol.


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lol bossman you got any vacancies by any chance???

If i beat u in a quickscoping match I get your job, if I lose you csn have my 5.67kd account. lol


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lol iphone typo lol

So yes bossman, Me you any sniper,
on firing range and we can be l33t

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