Sam Raimi Untitled Horror (Sony, TBC)


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Sam to direct a new untitled Island horror thriller for Sony-Columbia. Love his ED films + Drag Me To Hell.

To be written by Friday The 13th 2009 reboot duo Mark Swift and Damian Shannon.

A rumoured description that reads as "Misery meets Cast Away". I hope there are dark supernatural forces at work. and maybe a goat or two :D

Raimi has a spate of movies in development hell - that have yet to see light of day.



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It's about time.
While his life as a producer had yielded some interesting fruits, I am absolutely stoked to hear about his return to directing after 10 years. Drag Me To Hell was absolutely wild.

Sorry, The Great and Powerful who? No, I'm afraid I have no idea what you're talking about. No, he hasn't directed any movies since Drag Me To Hell. Nope. No sir.
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