Sall Space - Cinema room??


You could always try it the opposite way so you have more distance between seating and screen, this way you would have more flexibility in changing the screen or screen size in the future.


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Having an LCD or Plasma instead of the CRT set you have, will give you a better viewing distance. Not sure if that’s an option but if it helps.


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Bentleg - I wish!!

I'm going to have that rear projection for a while, won't be able to afford a plasma for a long while.

Don't get me wrong - I love that set, the picture quality from the 575 via Component is stunning (The set says it is Hi Def ready, can handle the resolution, but no HDMI or DVI ports!) and the depth of the box is only 18", much slimmer than my 28" wide screen CRT TV!!

So unless you or anyone else fancies doing a swap............? :rotfl:

Thought not. ;)


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Well, I've just about finished. A few details to do still, need to put the beading round the floor. Get a few movie posters - in that kind of thing. But I'm really pleased with the result.

Not too sure about the DVD storage though, anyone got anyalternative suggestions that will fit in a space like that? Got a few more DVD's to unpack yet!

Also, would love to change the seating and get a couple of recliners in there, but that is way more than I can afford right now. I'll just settle for getting some matching throws or cushions or something for them.

Also fancy a little fridge in the corner as well. ;-)

Off to watch some DVD's now.



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Doesn't the room sound a bit "lively"?
Something on the walls to break up reflected sound should improve things.


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yeah - i put the rug down and that improved things a bit, But yes, I want to put something up. Was originally going to be shelving with books and DVD's, but the walls are just faced I think, cos there's a gap behind and it won't take any weight. I may even put some heavy curtains over the doors or something to deaden the sound a bit.

Being such a small space I couldn't really do anything like put up a stud wall with insulation. Would lose to much room I think.

It's not too bad, there's no echoing or anything.


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Cheers Jon Boy - Scary isn't it, I've not had the set for a year yet, and it's already Old School!! ;)

I just didn't (and still don't) have the budget for Plasma or LCD. Nor even DLP. But the picture I get from that set is great. It doesn't have HDMI or DVI, but the resolution through component seems to be fine, and to be honest, Im not interested in HD (not until prices come waaaaay down!)


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